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The Bulldozer
The Tractor
The Low Boy Trailer

The Three-Piece Construction Crew
Norm Marshall's creative toys stimulate the imagination


There should be as little time as possible between the promise of a toy and the fulfillment. That's why I don't paint my toys. To do a really good (safe) job of painting takes a lot of time. And then, the child might not like the colors. I find that a little bit of self-adhering vinyl wallpaper and some self-stick lettering from a stationery store brightens the toy. It's enough to give the illusion of the colors of the real thing.

So, why do I make toys? Because a smile is worthwhile! I enjoy making them and I like to pass that on. Toymaking should be a happy pastime. It shouldn't get too intensive. But watch is addictive!

This Bulldozer with Tractor and Low-Boy Trailer is an example of Norm's toys and how he recommends building them. Once assembled, you can leave them unfinished or seal them with a non-toxic finish such as Salad Bowl Finish.

The Projects

This toy features lifelike bulldozer tracks and a two-position blade that's held off the ground by the exhaust stack engaging a hole in the blade axle. The builder must watch that the chassis center beam (A) and chassis end beams (B) are cut exactly to size, as shown in the Bill of Materials. This provides adequate clearance for the wheels when the tracks are glued to the chassis.

Start by cutting all parts to size, according to the Bill of Materials. Drill axle holes in (A). Glue parts (B) to (A). Install wheels.

Glue track lugs (G) onto track blocks (F), starting on the top and bottom center and working toward the ends. Use a spare lug as a spacer. For lugs glued on the rounded ends, wrap sandpaper over a large dowel...or use a 1-1/2" diameter sanding drum to sand a concave surface for better adhesion.

Drill hole for the blade axle (L). Insert blade axle and drill a 1/4" dia. hole for the exhaust stack (M). This hoe goes through the blade axle. Remove the blade axle and redrill the 1/4" dia. hole to 5/16" dia. Drill dashboard holes for the gauges and insert gauges (P).

Blade (K) has a concave face. This shape can be achieved by sanding over the Idler Drum end of your Belt Sander or by using a Drum Sander. Assemble the blade (K), blade axle (L), blade supports (J) and engine (H).

All parts of this toy are held together with glue only. Be sure to round all sharp edges for added safety.



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